Responsible travel policy

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”  Winston Churchill

Economic responsibility
Local guides – we do employ local guides who are professional, multilingual and knowledgeable about areas where they are guiding.
Riding the bike gives our guest a chance to explore authentic villages located off the beaten path where tourism is not the main source of income and see the real deal.
The main focus of our services is to show local and authentic values of Croatia.
Supporting humanitarian events for fundraising for charities.

Environmental responsibility
Our correspondence and promotion is carried out via the Internet and email, minimizing the amount of paper.
Our company does not publish the tours in any brochures, and we do not print flyers or any similar advertisement material.
Copy and printing machines are set to double side printing. Use of recycled paper.
Excursions and attractions in which captive wildlife is held are not offered, except for properly regulated activities in compliance with local, national and international low.
Any disturbance of natural ecosystem is minimised.
We encourage our guests to take trips during the off-peak period to prevent overstraining resources.
Sustainable and environmental friendly transport - bikes, kayaks, rafts, paddleboards and sailing boats are means of transportation on our tours.

Social responsibility
Our tours are designed to show and preserve local culture and tradition. During our active tours, we include at least 1 local visit daily whether it is stone mason school, local gallery, wine cellar, olive oil production, lavender oil production or similar.
Agro tourism – highlights of our tours are agro tourism venues, where farmers and fisherman prepare home made products and provide them for our guests. In this areas it is possible to taste ancient specialties, see unique sites (old stone olive press, wine cellars, ancient kitchen) and hear “special “stories which cannot be found and seen in most of restaurants. All the products tasted in agro tourism are being produced locally.

Policy aims
To show and represent local values Croatia has to offer in a true and authentic way!
Small group travel has less impact on local community and gives chance for the members of these groups to experience the culture of visited area. We aim to reduce the negative social and cultural impact of our activities.
We buy souvenirs and handy craft from local community for our corporate gifts.
Travellers who booked through our website will receive information on the destination prior to their trips, to understand and respect the culture and environment of the host destination.

Your help
You, as our guest can help us to minimise that impact as much as possible and even try to create positive benefits for the region.

Transport – Responsible travel starts at home. Consider using public transport to travel to the airport.
Save paper – Try to gather as much information possible online and print trip information sparingly. Only order the brochures you really need.
Be clever when you pack – A refillable water bottle is a great way to save wasting plastic. Tap water is dinkable throughout whole Croatia. Use minimum water for showering and cleaning. If you are a smoker a pocket ashtray can come in handy.
Save energy - always turn off light and air condition when leaving your accommodation

Only with the input of our clients are we able to achieve our aims for Responsible Travel and we thank all passengers past, present and future for their support. We appreciate your time spent considering our guidelines for responsible travellers.
We are always open to suggestion from clients about how to improve our services in terms of responsible operations.

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